Call for Proposals

POPL 2022 is planned to occur in-person, but there will be an associated virtual workshop on January 27th and 28th, 2022! We are trying to maintain the momentum of inclusive virtual conferences while taking advantage of the opportunity (fingers crossed) for a strong in-person component. The virtual conference will be focused solely on interactive activities, not talk-watching (as main-conference talk videos will be available publicly a few days prior). The organizers would like to solicit your ideas on how to use the time.

Please e-mail your ideas for scheduled activities to You may propose activities you would run yourself, or you may suggest activities that would require other people you don’t know very well, and we organizers can try to convince them to participate, if your idea is selected. (E.g., feel free to suggest “interview with Elon Musk,” and we can try to decide if that’s appropriate and feasible. :])

Here are a few ideas of kinds of activities:

  • A panel bringing together experts on a popular topic, to answer live audience questions and discuss with each other
  • An “ask me anything” (AMA) session with a specific member of the POPL community
  • A particular format of social or networking event, maybe based on a specific game or different virtual-space service online
  • Tool demos and tutorials
  • Activities designed to further our community’s strategy for mitigating climate change or improving diversity, equity, and inclusion

We are especially interested in scheduling events across a wide range of time bands, to accommodate participants from many countries, so please include thoughts on timing in proposals. We expect to provide a shared platform supporting standard video conferencing, from small groups up to hundreds of participants (most with video recording off), so there is no need to propose case-by-case solutions there (though there is room for a few sessions using fun alternative communication apps).

Our expectation is that there will be some explicit registration process to join the workshop, but the fee will be no more than $10 per person. We will also provide some kind of “bulletin board” where people can post their interest in smaller-group interactions (for instance, chats with the authors of particular POPL 2022 papers, or informal meetings with potential employers) and facilitate scheduling times to meet together on the shared workshop platform. Other logistical details to follow.