Why support POPL?

POPL is the longest-running conferences in programming languages and one of the most prestigious. Each year POPL hosts a wide variety of affiliated events including workshops, mentoring events, and tutorials. Financial support from corporate sponsors and philanthropic organizations ensures that POPL remains accessible to a broad set of participants.

Sponsorship Policy

Sponsors help offset the considerable expense involved in staging the conference, reducing the financial barriers to participation and enhancing inclusivity. We aim to foster a diverse community with participants from varied disciplines, organizations, and geographic locations. We value and encourage participation from across academia, industry, government, and civil society. At the same time, outside contributions can raise concerns about the independence of the conference and the legitimacy the conference may confer on sponsors. We take these concerns seriously and have taken steps to maintain a transparent and appropriate relationship with our sponsors:

  • We acknowledge all sources of financial support.
  • We disclose all benefits that sponsors receive in exchange for their contribution.
  • We ensure that sponsors have no say over the paper selection process, the composition of the program committees, the selection of workshops and tutorials, the choice of invited speakers, or the selection of award winners. The substance and structure of the conference are determined independently by the program committee using a rigorous, lightweight double-blind peer review process.
  • We only allow sponsors to contribute to two general funds, specified below, and do not allow sponsors to further specify how their contributions should be spent.

We are grateful to receive financial support from organizations that respect our twin goals of inclusivity and independence.

Acknowledgment: POPL’s sponsorship policy is adapted from the ACM FAccT conference and used under a CC-BY 2.0 license.

Sponsorship Funds and Support Levels

Sponsors may contribute to one of two general funds, one for the POPL main conference and the other for the PLMW workshop, or both.

  • POPL Main Support: POPL main support funds are used to decrease registration costs, support student volunteers, underwrite social events, fund mentoring activities and diversity efforts, and purchase carbon offsets.

  • Non-Profits and Early Stage Companies: To encourage closer interaction between the POPL community and industry, we offer a discount on sponsorship for the POPL Main Conference for early-stage companies. The benefits are the same as for Silver sponsors, but early-stage sponsors are explicitly labeled as such.

  • Carbon Offset Support: Air travel has a significant environmental cost and hence POPL, which brings researchers together from all over the world, does so at a considerable environmental expense. We are looking for one sponsor to offset the carbon costs of the conference.

  • PLMW Mentoring Support: The Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop (PLMW) is held on the day prior to the main POPL conference. It aims to encourage graduate students and senior undergraduate students to pursue careers in programming language research. All funds designated as mentoring sponsorship funds will be transferred directly to PLMW @ POPL and used to support student participation.

POPL Main Support Levels

Non-Profit and Early-Stage Companies ($750)

  • Organization must be a non-profit or early-stage startup
  • Benefits are the same as Silver (see below)

Bronze ($2500)

  • Logo will be displayed on the POPL 2022 website.
  • Logo will be displayed on the splash screen prior to each POPL 2022 talk during live streaming and prior to videos archived on YouTube for viewing after the conference.

Silver ($5000)

  • As above plus…
  • An opportunity to display printed materials at the registration desk.

Gold ($8,000)

  • As above plus…
  • Two complementary registrations to POPL 2022.
  • An opportunity to include branded merchandise in participants’ swag bag, such as a t-shirt, for example, if desired.
  • A table in the conference common area during POPL proper where, if you wish, you can display publicity material, distribute handouts, talk to potential recruits, or demo software.

Platinum ($11,000)

  • As above plus…
  • One additional complementary registration to POPL 2022.
  • Supporter may supply participant lanyards, badge ribbons, or a banner on stage carrying the supporter logo.
  • There are three social hours associated with POPL, one at the end of each day. On a first-come, first-served basis, each of the social hours may be associated with the name of a platinum supporter. A representative from the company will be granted five minutes at the beginning of the branded social hour to make a few comments to the attendees.

Carbon Offset Sponsor ($20,000)

  • As above plus…
  • There will be at most one Carbon Offset sponsor.
  • A special thanks in the PACM journal issue for helping minimize the climate impact of POPL 2022.
  • Funds in excess of the platinum level will be used to purchase carbon offsets. If you are interested in supporting carbon offsets at POPL, please discuss logistics with the POPL industrial relations chair.

PLMW Mentoring Support

PLMW Mentoring Silver ($1,000)

  • Logo displayed on the PLMW @ POPL 2022 web site.

PLMW Mentoring Gold ($2,500)

  • As above plus…
  • A table in the conference common area during PLMW where, if you wish, you can display publicity material, distribute handouts, talk to potential recruits, or demo software.

PLMW Mentoring Platinum ($5,000)

  • As above plus…
  • There are three mentoring breakfasts associated with POPL, one at the beginning of each day. PLMW platinum supporters will be given a designated table at one of the breakfast days clearly identifying the company to provide networking opportunities with students attending POPL.


Questions about how to contribute may be directed to Nate Foster (jnfoster@cs.cornell.edu), Cornell University, and Ilya Sergey (ilya.sergey@yale-nus.edu.sg), National University of Singapore, the POPL Industrial Relations Co-Chairs.