Wed 19 Jan 2022 11:35 - 12:00 at Salon III - Separation Logic Chair(s): James Riely

Kleene algebra with tests (KAT) is a foundational equational framework for reasoning about programs. KAT has found applications in several areas, including program transformations, networking, compiler optimization, and more. In his seminal work, Kozen proved that KAT subsumes propositional Hoare logic, showing that one can reason about the (partial) correctness of while programs by means of the equational theory of KAT.

In this work, we investigate the support that KAT provides for reasoning about incorrectness, instead, as embodied by O’hearn’s recently proposed incorrectness logic. We show that KAT cannot directly express incorrectness logic. The main reason for this limitation can be traced to the fact that KAT cannot express explicitly the notion of codomain, which is essential to express incorrectness triples. To address this issue, we study Kleene algebra with Top and Tests (TopKAT), an extension of KAT with a top element. We show that TopKAT is powerful enough to express a codomain operation, to express incorrectness triples, and to prove all the rules of incorrectness logic sound. This shows that one can reason about the incorrectness of while-like programs by means of the equational theory of TopKAT.

Wed 19 Jan

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